How to Reamp Your Axe Fx 2 With DI Boxes

Download the Axe Fx 2 Dizzy Vh4 preset Here

Download the Superior Drummer Metal Foundry Preset Here

Download the East West/Quantum Leap Goliath Choir Preset Here

To properly reamp your axe fx you are going to need a DI box and a Reamp box

I personally like the Radial JDI and X amp for this

You are going to plug your guitar into the input of the DI box

Then the through of the di box is going to go to the input of your axe fx That way you can hear the axe fx as you record the DI track.

The xlr output of the DI box going to an input channel on your audio interface This will record your dry guitar

You will also need a way to record your axe fx.  I like to use the spdif out but you can use the regular analog out 1 if you want.

Plug in the USB cable to run axe edit at the same time while you reamp.

You are going to need a cable to go from an output of your audio interface to the reamp box.  Don’t use an output that you are using for your speakers.

When you want to reamp your dry guitar signal, take the cable from the through of the DI box and plug it into the output of your reamp box.  Now your reamp box is connected to your axe fx.


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Lets see reamping in action

I have a drum track here using superior drummer

A choir track from east west goliath

I Recorded 2 di tracks from my guitar. one for the left and one for the right

These are two separate performances, don’t just copy and paste.  You will not get a stereo wide sound that way

I also have 2 more audio tracks where my guitar is coming into.  These will be for the final recorded tracks.

lets see how that sounds.

You will also have to setup an output bus to get the di track out of your computer and into the reamp box.

Since I have my cable to the reamp box plugged into output 8 on my computer I have to make a mono out and set it to output 8

Then we go back to the track and set its output to the one you just made.  We obviously do not want to hear the sound of a raw guitar in our songs.

Once the DI track is going to your reamp box and out to your axe fx or amp, everything else is easy.

You can change the sound either on the axe fx directly or by axe edit.

Once you get a sound you like, make sure only one of the DI tracks are unuted, and record either the left or the right guitar track.



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