Podfarm 2 Metal Tones Killer Tone Cabs Ultimate Bundle


This video will show you how to get a variety of great metal guitar tones with Pod Farm 2 and the Killer Tone Cabs Ultimate Bundle.

All of the cabs in Pod Farm 2 have been disabled and all Killter Tone Cab IRs are loaded with LeCab3 right after Pod Farm 2

All of the tones have no post production except for mastering.

The Mastering Method used in this video can be found here: http://metalhomerecording.com/category/mastering/

All of the tones in this video were made by reamping 2 separate performances. 1 on the L and one on the R hard panned.

Learn more about Killer Tone Cabs Here: http://metalhomerecording.com/killer-tone-cabs/

You will be able to download the presets I made in this video shortly.