Mastering Loud – Mid Side Mastering


Download the Cubase Mid Side Mastering Template Here (Cubase 7.5)

Get Voxengo MSED

Get Waves L3-16 (And Save 10%)

Get FabFilter Pro L (And Save 10%)


This Tutorial will show you how to master Loud and Clear using the mid side mastering technique.

This template consists of three main parts.

1) The audio track with your audio to be mastered.

2) Two group channels I labeled “Mid” and “Side”.  These have the plugins Voxengo MSED and Waves L-316 on them.  MSED is used to split the signal into its center and sides content.

The L-316 limiter is used to compress the center and side content seperately.

3) These both go to the master bus which has a final limiter on it.  I use Fab Filter Pro – L.  You can use whatever limiter you want.

I just use a preset on the Pro L Called “Metal Natural Loudness”, set the oversampling, dithter, and crank the gain until it sounds loud but not distorted.

Leave your comments in the video about other mastering chains you like.


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