Killer Tone Cabs

Tired of guitar cabinet impulse responses always sounding like shit?

Never can get the tone you want?

The sound never “upfront enough” and does not “jump out of the speakers”?

Tone gets lost in the mix?


Check out the new cabinet impulses from Killer Tone Cabs!

What you get in Package 1…

13 sets of impulse responses.

6 variations of each.

6 “biting” variations of each for a snappier sound (good for high gain)

6 “round” variations of each of a smoother sound (good for clean/mid gain)

^ 666 that is fucking metal.

234 files in total.

In package 2 you get 5 x the number of impulse responses as package 1

In package 3 you get another 4x the number of impulse responses as package 1

If you get the ultmate bundle you get all 10 sets of Killer Tone Cabs Impulse responses (2340 files total) for the ultimate set of great sounding premium impulse responses.

You also get all of the files converted to Axe Fx 2 compatible .syx cab files and the files converted for the Kemper Profiling amp using kempers cab maker*

(kemper version is beta, they do not yet sound as good in the kemper as in the axe fx 2 or just a vst IR loader).


Listen to the videos to hear examples of the sick ass sounds you can get.


Get package 1 for only 19.95

Get package 2 for only 29.95

Get package 3 for only 29.95

Get the ultimate bundle for only 49.95 (almost %40 savings)

Pay securely with PayPal or any credit card.

You will get an automatic email to download the files.

What are you waiting for???

Click the picture below to choose which killer tone package you want.

Or get the ultimate bundle of all 3 for 49.99

(All IR Wav Files are 48khz 24 bit in all pacakges)

Buy Now  Killer tone cabs Package 2  Killer tone cabs Package 3  Killer tone cabs Ultimate Bundle




Ultimate Bundle Samples

Axe Fx 2 Sound Samples

Guitar Rig 5 Sound Samples

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