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Beginners Guide To Recording Metal Guitars (With Amp And Cab Sims)

This video will show you step by step how to record metal guitars with virtual amplifiers and cabinet Impulse responses

Learn more about killer tone cabs here: http://metalhomerecording.com/killer-tone-cabs/

Get the free cab ir loader here:


Metal Mixing Tip – Make A Music Production Template

The Mixing Tip in this video is almost too obvious.

Maybe that is why it will be a game changer if you do not do this yet….


In order to spend more time making music, and less time in production tech land, you need to make a template that you use to create songs.

This template in your Digital audio workstation (DAW) (Cubate, Pro Tools, FL Studio etc…) needs to bring up your main instruments largely premixed, pre routed, with most if not all effects already on them.

If your drums are going to sound the same all the time,  do everything to them and put them in your template.

Use synths or samples?

Have a bunch of synths that you use a lot in your template with an inspiring sound on each.

Music creation and home recording is all about logistics and workflow.  You want to let your creativity flow, not wrestle with audio production that is the same constantly and you could have done ahead of time.

Make a template, save yourself countless hours.

I will go through my template in more depth over various videos but the important action you need to take now is to make some kind of template.

Get it started good, bad, or ugly it needs to exist.

Make more than one if you want, just make them.

Mixing Tips: Parallel Compression

Download The Axe Fx 2 6505+ Preset

Download the Superior Drummer Metal Foundry Preset

Download the CLA-76 Parallel Compressor presets for Drums and Guitar

Mixing Tip: Parallel Compression

This video will show you how to use parallel compression on guitar and drums

Mixing tips are just that, tips… Try them out on your mixes and see if it works for you and the sounds you have going on.

Parallel compression is copying a signal or sending the signal to a group track, compressing that copied signal, then mixing the compressed signal back in with the original signal.  This will usually make the tone jump out a bit more or be slightly more forward without killing the dynamics of the original signal.

This, like most mixing tips is a subtle thing.  It will not change the sound night and day.  You want to start off with a very good sound already, then manipulate it subtly to get it to the professional sounding level.

Amp Model: Axe Fx 2 6160II (6505+) (no post) Drums: Superior Drummer Metal Foundry (no post) Bass: Pod Farm Flip Top (with post processing) Compressor: Waves – CLA 76 (1176 clone)

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