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Gear Review: Joey Sturgis Superior Drummer Preset Pack

Here is a full review of the Joey Sturgis Preset pack for Superior Drummer 2.0.

To review this we will listen to a few drum riffs played through each preset. You will hear the mastered audio first (to hear what it would sound like in a final mix) then the unmastered version (to hear what it sounds like naturally).

I will show you the Mastering Method I used in a later video and will link here when its up.

Joey Sturgis is a great modern metal producer so check this out.

One troubleshooting tip: If you get this preset pack and don’t see it in superior… make sure you have the latest version installed AND have the computer seeing the latest VST DLL file.

I Just Got A Kemper! – Basic Overview

So I recently got a kemper profiling amp to compliment the Axe Fx II.

I have played around with it for about 2 weeks and have seen many of its strengths and weaknesses.  I will discuss these in depth and compare the Axe Fx II vs Kemper in later videos.


If you are like me. that front panel of the Kemper looks crazy and intimidating.  I came to find out that it really just makes a lot of the functions of the Kemper fast and easy to use.

In This video I go over the basic functions of the front panel and get rid of the intimidating factor.

Gear Review – Fractal Audio Systems Cab Lab


Today we will be reviewing one of the most brilliant piecies of software if you own the Fractal Audio Axe Fx II.

This software is called Cab Lab.

Its main purpose: To quickly mix together 3rd party cabinet impulse responses to get the tone you want FAST.

Load in 8 different 3 party cab IRs, solo them to try them individually, mix them together to get a new tone.  Hit the send to scratchpad button to try them out.

Secondary uses:  Turn wav files to .sysx files to be loaded into the user cab slots of the Axe Fx II.

Work the Impulse Response recording functions of the Axe Fx

Make Ultra Res Impulse responses.

Check it out!

Best Free Guitar Cab IR For Metal

Download the Catharsis Cabinet Impulses

Download the Guitar Rig 5 5150 Preset with no cab

Download the Guitar Rig 5 5150 Preset with stock cabs

Download the Superior Drummer Metal Foundry preset

Download the Cabinet loader Le Cab 2

Here are some of the best free guitar cabinet impulse responses for metal.

Check them out, put them on almost any guitar amp sim and they sound good.  Make sure to disable the cabinet emulation in the amp simulator first before running the tone through these.

You can also run your tube or solid state guitar amp in direct to your recording interface (with the effect send jack), then put these cabinet emulations in there.

It took me a very long time to get a pretty good tone with the native guitar rig 5 cab sims.  It took me almost no time to get a good tone with the catharsis impulses.

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