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Ok people, I have made a collection of ever growing awesome Kemper® profiles.

Possibly even the best Kemper® profiles…

I noticed a need in the Kemper® community. A need for preamp profiles of amps without a mic and cab influencing the profile.

There is no true way for the Kemper® to seperate the cab and mic, even if you press the Cab off button. Therefore I took the cab and mic out of the profiles and only profiled the preamp of each amp.

This has several benefits.

1) You get to choose the cab of your choice when recording

2) Better sound when plugging into the effects return of a real amp.

What does this mean?

1) You need to run these into the effects return of a real amp or into cabinet simulation in your recording software.   Playing these “as is” will sound like the harsh sound of running an amp direct.

2) Since the Kemper® Profiling amp includes the cab block in its sound, leave this on.  It will mess with the sound if you turn it off.  Leave it on, and run into a cabinet emulator like LeCab in your recording software.  Just like you would use any other amp simulator.

Here is my collection of preamp profiles.

The whole set is currently only 29.99

I will also give you free updates of every other amp I profile for the life of this project.


Buy the Metal Home Recording Profile Set Here

Get the MHR Kemper Preamp Profiles and the entire Killer Tone Cabs Ultimate Bundle for only 59.95 (save $20)


Buy the entire MHR Kemper + KTC Ultimate Bundle Here

To get the free updates you have to sign up for the Metal Home Recording Kemper® profile email list.  I will email the updates with every new profile I make. The Password to the list is included with the download package.

The current list of preamps I have profiled include

*Bogner® Uberschall, Blackstar® Series One 200, Diezel® VH4, Mesa Boogie® Dual Rectifier, Fender® 5150 3, ENGL® Powerball, ENGL® Steve Morse, ENGL® Fireball, Hughes and Kettner® Tubemeister, Jet City® 50, Peavey® JSX, Peavey® XXX, Peavey® 6505+, Peavey® 5150 Block, Peavey® 6505+ Voodoo Amps® Mod, Marshall® JVM, Marshall® JCM900, Marshall® DSL 100, Orange® Dual Verb, Randall® Kirk Hammet Signature.

I made many profiles of each channel of each amp, I included what sounded great and threw out the rest.

Check out the sound samples Here:


Kemper®, KPA and Kemper® Profiling Amp are registered trademarks of the Kemper® Corporation

(*) All trademarks are trademarks of their respective owners, which are in no way associated or affiliated with These trademarks are used solely for the purpose of describing certain amplifier or speaker tones trying to produce with our profile packs


Licence – what can I do with the profiles?
In order to use these profiles you need a Kemper® Profiling Amp (KPA).


You can freely use all profiles to create any kind of music. We do not sell profiles – only a personal licence to use them – as with similar products – it’s not allowed to share the profiles, any part of them or any ‘new’ rigs derived from our profiles.


It’s not allowed to use our profiles for any other service other than create your own music – e.g. it’s not allowed to rent profiles, or convert our profiles into other formats

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My regular music project is a self produced Industrial Black Metal band called Forever Dawn.

Looking to improve my own metal home recording skills as well as give out this knowledge to others.

I hope you find this site useful.

Feel free to contact me and let me know more of what you want to see out of this site.

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