Axe Fx 2 vs Kemper Metal Tones

In this video we compare the tones of a Marshall JVM, Diezel VH4, Mesa Dual Rectofier, Peavey 5150 (6505 for the kemper), and an Engl Powerball in the Axe Fx 2 and the Kemper Profiling Amp


I used both stock and 3rd party kemper profiles when available.


I kept the cabs the same by using cabs from the Killer Tone Cabs Ultimate bundle.


Learn more about the Killer Tone Cabs Ultimate Bundle Here:


Learn more about Metal Home Recording Kemper Preamp Profiles Here:


All cabs for the kemper were loaded in the channel with Poulin Lecab 2 vst.


With a bit of EQ they can be made to sound fairly similar. I think both the Kemper and Axe Fx 2 sound really good. This will hopefully show some of the differences.


All sounds were made by reamping 2 separate DI tracks for L + R One left and one right.


All Audio has no post production except for mastering. Mastering method used in this video is here:

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