Purpose of MetalHomeRecording.com

The Purpose of MetalHomeRecording.com is to teach all of the home recording information I know to help everyone make more metal (and learn even more for myself in the process).

This site will focus on “In the box” recording, mixing, mastering etc.  While “In the box” typically refers to only doing things within the computer, I will also show some tools such as hardware guitar and bass amp and amp sims.  All of these will be recorded direct and the only microphones used will be for vocals.

To me, all one needs to make high quality metal at home is a computer, a mic for your voice, and maybe a guitar or bass amp or amp simulator hardware.

There is a lot of home recording information out there on many sites, however I have found that most information on music is actually quite “genera specific”.  Audio engineering advice that works for pop or any other genera of music may be wrong or not applicable for any other type of music.  I will focus everything in the context of metal (many types of metal)

Finally, I do not believe in giving any audio engineering advice without being able to “prove it” with an accompanying audio or video file.  There will be video and or audio for everything that this site talks about.


About me

Hey, my name is Brian.

Self taught Audio Engineer with a self produced musical cooking show called the "Vegan Black Metal Chef" Look it up on Youtube.

I've been featured in Time Magazine, The Washington Post, Wired, Anthony Bourdains No reservations, ABC Nightline, among other media outlets.